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About BOA

The Association of Artists in Oslo and Akershus (BOA) is a membership organisation committed to promote and enhance the intellectual, social, legislative and economic interests of professional visual artists in Oslo and Akershus. With 401 professional visual artists as members, BOA is the largest district organisation under NBK, The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists.

The Board

Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas
Chairman of the Board

​​Vanna Bowles (Deputy Chairman)
Andrea Bakketun (board member)             Stian Gabrielsen (board member)

​Randi Nygård (vara)
Anawana Haloba (vara)
Morten Gran (vara)
Kristian Øverland Dahl (vara)


BOA is tasked with appointing to positions in a number of organizations. We are one of several members of other associations such as Oslo Open, NITJA (Akershus Kunstsenter), KunstSkansen and Østlandsutstilling, and in this way we support these activities while we have influence over the overall direction they move in by participating in respective annual meetings.

BOA helps to ensure that the artists’ expertise is used in Oslo municipality by BOA’s annual meeting appointing positions to three committees. We appoint a representative with a deputy to RSU, the regional cooperation committee in Oslo. This committee appoints art consultants. The art consultants lead the work of the committees that find artists for art projects in public buildings and rooms.

BOA’s annual meeting also appoints representatives to two committees that distribute studios, one for municipal studios and one for the City Hall studios. BOA’s expertise thus constitutes a resource for the City of Oslo by finding competent artistic candidates. The committees get quality assurance of the professional decisions, and the fact that they use shop stewards who sit for a limited time ensures a healthy, democratic breadth in the decisions.

We also make similar appointments in Akershus, where RSU Akershus has a member with a deputy appointed by BOA. RSU Akershus is involved in selecting art consultants in municipal and county municipal construction projects throughout Akershus. The committee has its secretariat at Akershus Kunstsenter. In all these committees and boards, there are also representatives from Norwegian Artisans in Oslo and Akershus, NKOA.



Hearings and input

Current issues

As a result of regional reforms, BOA is in the process of splitting into two organizations – one for Oslo and one for Viken Akershus. It will be the first time in 20 years that new basic organizations will be established in NBK. This is done with a strong mandate from BOA’s members through resolutions at two consecutive annual meetings. The goal is for the division to lead to a stronger and more targeted representation of artists in both Oslo and Viken Akershus, two of the districts in Norway with the highest population density. On that occasion, the Nomination Committee of BOA is ready to put together a new board and a new Nomination Committee for ABK (Akershus Bildende Kunstnere).

BOA is looking for members living in Viken who have proposals or who themselves would like to be nominated to sit on the board. The board will consist of 3 members and 1 deputy, the Nomination Committee will consist of 3 members and 1 deputy, and one will be elected for 2022 – 2023. Please send suggestions before 25 May to: Until the new organization is founded and approved by the members and NBK, BOA will function as before. After approval, members residing in Viken will automatically be transferred to the new organization. If some want to continue to be a member of the Oslo organization, they will have the opportunity to give notice of this


  • BOA is pushing for more municipal studios, and is taking care of the artists’ interests in urban and regional development.
  • BOA ensures that the artists’ distinctive competence is used by nominating for a position on municipal committees. These committees help to allocate municipal studios, and the purchase of art and art in public spaces.
  • BOA appoints candidates for the supervisory board of NITJA, center for contemporary art, Oslo Open, Østlandsutstilling, Blaker KunstSkanse, jury members for regional project funds (via NBK), jury members for Østlandsutstilling.


Opening hours
Ons – søndag
12 – 16

​Rådhusgata 19 ​
Anatomigården 0158

Tlf. 41 313 190

BOA is part of Kunst i Kvadraturen and is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council and the Norwegian Agency for Culture

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