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Become a member of BOA

BOA is a district organization under NBK, Norwegian visual artists. Membership in BOA is therefore inextricably linked to membership in NBK and one must answer contingent to both.

650 kr

Membership in BOA/yearly

1650 kr

Membership in NBK/yearly

Admission criteria

Admission to the district organizations affiliated to Norwegian visual artists takes place after an overall assessment of the applicant’s artistic formal and non-formal competence. The purpose of the criteria for membership is to ensure that the organization’s members are professional, professional visual artists. The applicant must therefore have completed higher education in the field of visual arts and / or in their practice document a professional level corresponding to competence at master’s level.

Membership is offered after a discretionary assessment of the applicant’s competence in relation to the following criteria:

Requirements for the application

We would like to have all the info gathered in one document, preferably in PDF format. Firstname.lastname.member application.pdf.

It must contain a CV with relevant information and any links to other relevant documentation about exhibitions and education, if any.

Pictures of a maximum of 10 works. audio and video work can be linked to Vimeo or similar, link to own website if you have, and other documentation you think is relevant.

The purpose of doing so is that the jury should be able to open only one document and find all the information about you that is necessary in relation to processing the application. Therefore, read the criteria carefully. It simplifies the processing of the application. The jury consists of BOA’s Artistic Council.

Membership in BOA

Opening hours
Ons – søndag
12 – 16

​Rådhusgata 19 ​
Anatomigården 0158

Tlf. 41 313 190

BOA is part of Kunst i Kvadraturen and is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council and the Norwegian Agency for Culture

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